Well if you are having paranormal Activity within Your Home You can contact I Daniel the Founder of Bessemer Hill Side Paranormal. I will try to contact the spirit or spirits, So that I can find out who they are. I have talked with friends and love ones that have passed on and I understand that part cause it's happen to Me. it could be a family Member or it could be that the Spirits Have always been there you never know  with the Paranormal. I'd Like to tell you a little Bit about my Self , I've Been into the Paranormal Since I was a Child. I've had Paranormal Experiences as a Teenager always Been Intrigued by the Paranormal. Now that's What I Do is Investigate The Paranormal. 

I am in the State Of Alabama So Again If you Needs me you can find me on Facebook under Bessemer Hill Side Paranormal Or Email  me bessemerhill[email protected]